September 2018

The 2018 planting area looking south

September 2018

Looking east over the stock dam - the 2018 planting area on the lower right, the proposed 2019 planting area on the upper left.

Volunteers planting above the Ships' Graveyard during August 2018
Peninsula Tramping Club and EOS Ecology

A great planting day in August 2018

PGG Wrightson

PGG Wrightson kindly donated 2000 Combi Guards in 2018. We started using plant protectors in 2016, and they have dramatically improved the survival rate of the trees.

University of Florida students potting up silver tussock seedlings in July 2018

The potting mix we use for the silver tussock propagation is kindly donated by Daltons.

Stock dam valley, looking towards snow on Te Ahu Patiki

You can adopt a penguin box to help fund our efforts to protect korara

GeckoHeadCommon skink and geckos now have some additional "eco-safe housing" from one of the Trust's monitoring strategies. Lincoln University ecologist Mike Bowie and summer scholar Jenny Clarke put several lizard lodges on Quail Island to monitor distribution and numbers of skinks and geckos present. The lodges designed by lizard-loving researcher Marieke Lettink (studying lizard ecology on Kaitorete Spit), have proved to be sought after by the reptiles.


The Otamahua / Quail Island Ecological Trust is appealing to businesses and individuals to help support the endangered korora, or white flippered penguin, by adopting a penguin nest box.


Beach at SW point
Northern cliffs
2014 planting
Kathmandu volunteers
Arriving at the wharf
Tussock planting

Our Sponsors and Donors

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