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Trust Members

KawakawaLogoThe Quail Island Ecological Restoration Trust is 14 years into a 20-year restoration plan for the island, working in conjunction with the Department of Conservation and Ngati Wheke of Rapaki.


   Patron    Allan Williams    
   Ngati Wheke Representative     John Lewis    
   Chair    Ian McLennan    
   Administrator    Barbara Price    

 Peter Anderson

 Mike Bowie
 Dr Colin Meurk

 Dr James Ross

 Lindsay Daniel

 Jason Butt

 Grant Borrie


 Tina Troup
 Marieke Lettink
 Laura Molles

   Trust Employees    Peter Hayward
 Tony Giles
   Newsletter Editor    Margaret Meehan    

The conservation work undertaken by the Trust is made possible by hundreds of volunteer hours, put in by staff, members and supporters.



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